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Wedding photography and video are not only about fully knowledge and skill set of techniques, but are about feeling, seeing, and observation too. You either see or you do not see beautiful moments that occur around you. Wedding photography and video are simply functions of noticing things. Best Houston wedding photographers and videographers do not focus only on complex posing, painted backdrops, luxurious backgrounds, or several lights used brilliantly, but they also focus on expression, interaction, and creative vision. Successful and experienced wedding Houston photographers and videographers take care of involve themselves in the engagement pictures, love story videos, the wedding day, and with the couple. It could be described as being part of  moments, and this total immersion in the engagement  session and wedding can be physically and emotional exhausting from the moment a Houston wedding photographer and videographer start shooting. It requires interaction, communication, and a little magic. You can never stop paying attention to what is going on around. Even when a wedding picture or video is needed to be posed the couple must be melted in to the background, allowing them to show the emotional content of the moment. Great wedding photography and videography is not only about technique, It is about, manifestation, interaction, and life.

In order to produce great images for engagement pictures and love story videos, you can always go to several locations around Houston, where you can interact with the couple and immerse in their emotions to get stunning images. Here is a list of the best Houston wedding photography and video locations for engagement sessions and love story videos.

1) Discovery Green park in Downtown.
2) Hermann Park – Downtown.

3) University of Houston Campus.

4) Mercer Arboretum (1960 & 45).
5) Graffiti wall & park in front (Elgin & Crawford).
6) Tom Bass Park (beltway 8 & 288 off Cullen Blvd).
7) Oyster Park in Sugarland (Hwy 6 & 59).

Best places in Houston for engagement and wedding photography or video