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1) Can I customize a package?

Yes.  All packages can be customized to your needs. Just let us know what you want to add or remove & we will adjust the package accordingly.

2) How many pictures do I get?

All pictures taken during event day will be edited & burned in high resolution on a DVD(s) with copyright release for you to keep.

3) I’m undecided on the package I want, can NDPro hold the event date for me while I make up my mind?

Yes. We can hold the event date for 30 days without signing any contract. You can submit a reservation date form with a $200 reservation retainer. Contract must be signed within the 30 days period otherwise date reservation will be cancelled & $200 retainer forfeited. $200 retainer will be deducted from total amount.

4) How much is the deposit for booking?

50% of package price at contract acceptance + $200 reservation retainer (if not paid before). Remaining balance is due at delivery of the final product (8-12 weeks after event).

5) What payment methods do you take?

NDPro accepts cash, personal check, money order or major credit cards (through PayPal only).  A receipt for any payment received will be provided to client.

6) Do you limit the length of the video?

NDPro does not limit the length of the video.  Since our style is documentary combined with a cinematographic technique, you will get a professionally edited video with almost everything capture during the event day.  The more things covered during the event the longer the video will be.

7) Can I choice the music for the video or photo slide-show?

Absolutely! NDPro always ask for your selection of music. You only need to provide us with the name of the song(s) & artist(s) and we will look the song(s) up for you. Or you are more than welcome to bring your song choices on a CD or flash drive.

8) Can I add extra hours of coverage during the event if needed?

Yes, you may add all the hours you need during the event day. Please review the extra services for current pricing on additional services. Any extra service added during the event day will be added to the contract & payment must be received before any delivery of the final product.  NDPro reserves the entire day for the client.

9) Can I add extra services to a contracted package?  

Yes, you can add anything you want after the contract has been signed. Payment for extra services must be received at the time of the request or delivery of the product/service.